We are honored to introduce you part one of CLANTREE, that is produced with Laos teak and renowned Japanese furniture-making techniques, spending approximately 3 years to complete. Visiting tree farms and lumber factories in Laos again and again, we have developed a strong network and irreplaceable relationship each other. As a next step, we are now planning to build a stable system in which Laotian workers can produce furniture constantly at home. As a next step, we are now planning to build a stable system in which Laotian workers can produce furniture constantly at home. We have launched a project in which we teach furniture-making to young Laotian craftsmen, inviting them to our factory in Saga.

Through the CLANTREE project, we are aiming to share the pleasure of producing furniture in various countries and devoting ourselves to industrial development and fulfillment in life. To realize this goal, we commit ourselves to producing genuine products which are not affected by trend and make both creators and users happy. This is our challenge against the mass-production century. Our journey with CLANTREE to meet our future partners all over the world has just started.


Teak is defined as one of the three first-class woods in the world. Currently teak wood is known as very precious and rare wood of low availability because its logging and importing is severely restricted in so many countries. CLANTREE is now blessed with a wonderful opportunity, amid such severe procuring situation, to develop various kinds of innovative furniture made of teak from Laos where teak is also one of the precious resources. The beautiful points of teak wood are its great durability and amazing appearance. Long time ago, teak wood was used for building ships, since the wood is very hard, oil-rich and sturdy. At the same time, teak wood has been widely used as flooring materials of houses.

If you visit first-class traditional houses in Asian countries, you can find teak-made flooring used there and also refined and refined in the residents’ daily lives. Such teak-made flooring gives out gold-like divine shines. All the furniture made by CLANTREE will surely grow their own beauty more and more as you use them for 10, 20 years more. CLANTREE furniture is designed as the life-long product for your long use so that you will love them more and more as long as you live.


CLANTREE’s quality is composed of 1) high-quality materials, 2) high precision achieved by cutting-edge technology and 3) fine finish by experienced craftsmen. Based on these three factors, CLANTREE takes pride in its world-class quality. “Only We Can Make Them” This is our quality motto : CLANTREE always pursues steady high quality by using high-performance machines on one hand and devoting the craftsmen’s traditional spirit, which has been handed down between generations, to furniture-making process on the other hand. Every furniture product refined by Japanese craftsmen shows so a good design that it can be used comfortably for a life-long period.

It also feels very nice. This is because the craftsmen touch furniture products and refine their surface so many times until they feel perfect. The craftsmen work on the furniture products so carefully and gently as if they were communicating with the products. Thus they carefully refine the furniture by hand. Through such refined high quality, we would like to provide our customers with life-long furniture. As a major furniture maker, it is our great honor and pleasure that our furniture products serve our users for so many decades.